Meet the Isle of Pride team

Charity Trustees/Directors

Clare Barber


Clare is a mum, a wife, a nurse, an MHK and a proud LGBTQ+ ally (among other things)!  Clare is the brainchild and founder of Isle of Pride responsible for bringing together an energetic band of like-minded, enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to bring you the Island’s first ever large scale, free public Pride Festival.

For Clare, Pride is about ensuring that everyone can be their own authentic self and can express themselves in a way that suits them in a supportive environment.

Pronouns: She/Her

Ann Corlett


Ann was elected to the House of Keys in 2016 and has championed equality through policy and legislation ever since. Ann has always advocated for equality and has been delighted to see the progress on-Island to date. However, she recognises the work is not finished, and Isle of Pride has an important role to play, of which she is proud to play her part.

Pronouns: She/Her

Dawn Kinnish


Dawn is a mum to 4 and a Springer Spaniel called Max. She is a proud LGBT+ ally and an Equality Consultant in her own business called Equality Advisory Ltd. Dawn proudly led the Government project to implement the Equality Act 2017 which introduced anti-discriminatory rights for the LGBT+ community and other marginalised groups.  She stands for fairness, acceptance & inclusion which makes her honoured to be part of Pride.

Pronouns: She/her

Tracy McAvoy


Tracy is proud to be able to use her skillset to be part of a charity that changes hearts and minds about the LGBTQ+ community. Tracy is honoured to be part of the Isle of Pride team promoting inclusivity, welcoming diversity and providing opportunities for people to have a safe place to express themselves and be embraced.

Pronouns: She/Her

Stephen Ritch


Stephen is a freelance copywriter and media adviser working in both the public and private sector. A long-time Isle of Man resident, he applauds the shift in attitudes towards equality and diversity so welcomed the opportunity to join with like-minded people and serve as a director of Isle of Pride, a Manx charity working hard to promote and support an all-inclusive community

Pronouns: He/Him

Carole Male


When it comes to fundraising Carole is one of the island’s leading figures. She has worked tirelessly for charities for more than 30 years and for nine years was involved with the Manx Breast Cancer Support Group, of which she is a former vice-chairman. Her passion and dedication to help transform people’s lives is legendary – as is her contacts list!- and all of us at Isle of Pride are delighted that she’s kindly agreed to apply her boundless energy to support us.

Pronouns: She/Her

Jane Poole-Wilson


Jane is a committed LGBTQ+ ally. Having seen negative experiences of LGBTQ+ friends through her work (both in the past as an employment lawyer and now as a Member of Tynwald), Jane supports Pride’s ethos that we understand and embrace our differences and enable everyone to be their whole self, without fear or judgement.

Pronouns: She/Her

Steven Bevan


Steven is a dad and dog owner. He works in local government on the island and prior to this he worked for a leisure management company for over 20 years. He is trustee of Ramsey Young Peoples Project and Ramsey Cottage Hospital League of Friends and is the press officer for Ramsey Lifeboat. He was a member of the Education Council for 12 years. .

Pronouns: He/Him

Jamie Lewis


Jamie Lewis has undoubtedly reshaped Manx nightlife in recent years. As Founder of Extra Fancy, Jamie is perhaps best known for Peggy’s, a venue that quickly became an inclusive space for all: welcoming LGBTQ+ promoters Sugarwalls in for unique local events, including being host to the official Pride 2021 after party and drag icon DJ Jodie Harsh.

Jamie also operates Kiki’s Tiki Lounge, and a pop-up venue that to date has hosted two dynamic pop-ups: ‘Filthy Animals’ a Home Alone-themed Christmas bar, and ‘Heartbreak Motel’, an anti-valentine’s 70’s motel-themed cocktail bar.

Jamie also has a wealth of experience in the events sector with many successful public and private events under his belt. He has consulted for well known hospitality venues both on and off the island.

As a proud LGBTQ+ ally, Jamie is committed to reflecting the needs of the island’s communities, and creating truly innovative, fun and unique spaces.

Pronouns: He/Him

Pride Committee

Kai Varetto

Kara is the youth representative for Isle of Pride and as a young queer person found the lack of LGBT support on the Island shocking – they wanted to be the change they wanted to see in the world. To Kara, Pride is about providing a safe, educational and empowering space for our young people.

Dedicated to improving the lives of young people Island wide, Kara is an enthusiastic and dedicated member of the team and was instrumental in helping Isle of Pride bring the Island its first Youth Pride Event.

Pronouns: They/Them

Vida LaFierce

Vida LaFierce, occasionally known as her alter ego Gareth, has been dying to bring Pride to the Island for years and is super enthusiastic to be involved in finally making it happen. In addition to all things sparkly, Vida (and Gareth) love anything nerdy (especially Star Trek, Stargate and Doctor Who), music and can cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Pronouns: She/her
(without the wig: He/him)

Mari Hughes-Edwards

Mari works with young people and schools on LGBTQAI+ issues and adores teaching and learning. She is also the founder of GenSex, a group that promotes gendered and sexual equality and of artdoesnotgetyouajob, a creative arts’ resilience network that is founded on the hope that working in the arts is still possible for everyone drawn to them. She has published extensively on gender and sexuality, has worked with the BBC and Channel 4, and is currently writing a history of queer on the Isle of Man. She was appointed to the Arts and Humanities Research Council in 2017, and advises on their equality and diversity funding. A native Welsh speaker, lucky enough to marry onto the Island, she is learning Manx in her spare time, and loves the Isle of Man more than anywhere else in the universe. Being involved in Isle of Pride is a huge privilege and she hopes that her help as an LGBTQAI+ ally might make a difference, however small.

Pronouns: She/Her

*Photo credit Stuart Rayner*

Kerrigan Fairbairn

Kerri is the Trans Liaison for Isle of Pride. As a transgender woman and a lesbian the values of Pride are exceptionally important to her and promoting those values to others is a core reason for her participation in Isle of Pride. For Kerri, Pride is about the tolerance, acceptance and encouragement of diversity. Born and raised on the Isle of Man, Kerri is committed to improving the lives of the Island’s Trans Community.

Pronouns: She/Her

Monya Boyle

Monya is a mum, a wife, an interior architect and committed LGBTQ+ ally. Well aware that we live in divisive times, she thinks it is only fitting that we remember that the one idea that sustains the soul of humanity above all others is freedom. Monya believes we must put our differences aside, advocate for each other’s basic rights and become better allies.


Pronouns: She/Her

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Isle of Pride is a Manx Registered Charity that aims to serve the Island’s LGBTQ+ community, promoting our ethos that Pride Cares.

Pride, Respect, Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Community, Allies, Representation, Everyone, Support


Isle of Pride - Charity number 1287

Isle of Pride Trustees:
C Barber, A Corlett, S Bevan, S Ritch, D Kinnish, J Poole-Wilson, T McAvoy, C Brewitt, J Lewis

Registered address:
C/o Two Acres, Ballagarey Road, Glen Vine, IM4 4EB