Isle of Pride is a Manx Registered Charity (No 1287) that aims to serve the Island’s LGBTQ+ community, promoting our ethos that Pride Cares

Pride, Respect, Inclusion, Diversity, Equality,

Community, Allies, Representation, Everyone, Support


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We are looking for sponsors and fundraisers to help us bring the Isle of Man a free, public multi-event Pride each  summer.

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Do you want to be involved in the Island’s first free public Pride Festival?

Do you want to help encourage and provide more inclusive and safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community?

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Pride Parade & Festival 2022

When – Saturday 13th August 2022, midday to midnight

Where – Villa Marina Gardens

Who – Everyone is welcome (after 9pm under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)

Join the all inclusive Parade on Saturday 13 August to celebrate the equality fight of the 30th anniversary since decriminalisation of homosexuality and the new 2022 rights to automatic pardons for historical convictions for being homosexual.

The Co-op Pride Parade departs from the Snack Shack on Douglas Promenade at 11.45am. Make yourself seen, make yourself heard! Everyone welcome especially pooches

Be at the Villa Marina Gardens for 12 for the free to all Festival, celebrating love, acceptance & inclusion. Festival ends 12pm

We aim to promote equality, diversity and inclusion for all regardless of gender, sexuality, colour, creed or ability and provide support guidance and advice not only to the Island’s LGBTQ+ population but the wider community, and to reach out to those who feel marginalised or isolated by society or who have been rejected by their loved ones. With a particular focus on physical and mental wellbeing we intend to provide inclusive and safe spaces to allow people to be themselves. The long-term support and inclusion initiatives will always be the heart and soul of the charity, the Island has a substantial LGBTQ+ community and very little in the way of places to go where they can be open without fear of prejudice or harm. Having a place to go to socialise and connect with others is vitally important to our community, particularly young people who may feel the effects of social isolation and fear of prejudice much more profoundly than those who have more freedom of movement.











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We’ve compiled some useful links for to help you access information and advice on all things relating to the LGBTQ+ community, sexual and gender identity.



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Isle of Pride is a Manx Registered Charity that aims to serve the Island’s LGBTQ+ community, promoting our ethos that Pride Cares.

Pride, Respect, Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Community, Allies, Representation, Everyone, Support


Isle of Pride - Charity number 1287

Isle of Pride Trustees:
C Barber, A Corlett, S Bevan, S Ritch, D Kinnish, J Poole-Wilson, T McAvoy, C Brewitt, J Lewis

Registered address:
C/o Two Acres, Ballagarey Road, Glen Vine, IM4 4EB